Chelsea's live Music




    Every    Monday's      Springbilly

   Every     Tuesdays      Open Mic


  May 7  Wednesday  Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band

  fMay 8  Thursday  Lou Shields

   May 9  Friday   RK Ellis

   May 10 Saturday    Vine Brothers

   May 14  Wednesday  Mean Green Dean

   May 24  Sunday  Mean Green Dean

   May 16   Friday   Electric Rag Band

  May 17  Saturday   Afternoon   Art Show Eurekas Ups and Downs  3pm

                                                    Music-- Zakk and Big Papa Zinns

                                  Night  9:30   Dime Trip

  May 18  Sunday  Banjer Dan

   May 22  Thursday   Body Buster Band

   May 23  Friday    Billalbong Waters

   May 24  Saturday   Nate Hancock & the Declarations

  May 25  Sunday  The Bearded Two

   May 28  Wednesday  Mean Green Dean

   May 30  Friday   Stranger Derangers

   May 31  Saturday    3-6 p.m.  Magic Mule

                                   9 til    Centerfuze

   June 1  Sunday   Brian Martin

   June 4  Wednesday  Josh Jennings

   June 6  Friday  1 OZ Jig

   June 7  Saturday   Tom Waits Tribute  Show

   June11  Wednesday   Blue Delpheniums

  June 12 -15  Blues Weekend

       June 12  Thursday  Earl and Them

       June 13   Friday   Earl and Them  5-9 p.m.

                                   Patrick Sweany   10 p.m.

       June 14  Saturday   Kris Lager Band   5-9

                                      Patrick Sweany   10 p.m.

        June 15  Sunday     Patrick Sweany  2 p,m,.


   June 18  Wednesday  Magic Mule

   June 20  Friday  ToTo Jo Jo

   June 21  Saturday   Matt Smith Guitar Wars

   June 22  Sunday  Chucky Waggs

   June 25   Wednesday   Diesel Dean and The Whalers

   June 26 Thursday  Cassidy, JD and Orion    

  June 27  Friday  SX Rex  CD Release Party

   June 28  Saturday  Foleys Van

   June 29  Sunday  Nathan Kalish

    July 3  Thursday   One Mike Luv

   July 5  Saturday   Matt Reeves & The All American

   July 9   Wednesday  Felix Los Gratos

   July 11  Friday  E & The Boys  80's Dance Party

  July 12  Lily Bee & The Pollinators

   July 13  Sunday   Brian Martin

  July 16 Wednesday  Chucky Waggs

       Fat Tire Fest  July 18 and 19

   July 18  Friday  Earl & Them

   July 19  Saturday  Comfortable Brothers

  July 20  Sunday   Chucky Waggs

   July 24  Thjursday   JB Beverly and rory Kellies Triple Threat

  Ju;y 25  Friday    Sarah & The Meanies

  July 26  Saturday   Kory Montgomery

  Ju;y 30  Wednesday  Wino Vino

   August 1  Friday    Spin Rad

   August 2  Saturday   Shot Gun Brothers

    August 7   Thursday   Grifter and Stills

   August 8 & 9  Friday and Saturday   Josh Hoyer and The Shadow & Boxers

         Bluegrass Festival

  August 15  Friday  Mountain Sprout and Cutty Rye

   August 16  Saturday   Mountain Sprout and Foleys Van

   August 22   Friday   Dime Trip

   August 23   Saturaday   Damn Phamily

   August 28  Thursday   Chucky Waggs  CD Release Party

   August 29   Friday   Cherry Brooks and Dave Renko

   August 30 Saturday  Brian Capps

   September 4  Thursday  Brian Martin

   September 5  Saturday  3-5 pm   Zakk and Big Papa Binns

                                           9 30 pm  Cutty Rye

    September 20  Saturday     Rebellion

    September 27  Saturday     Norman Jackson Band